Aquarius: February 9
Aquarians are very friendly and have a natural humanitarian aspect about them as well. They aren’t the type of people to judge someone by their social class, looks or religion. Furthermore, you can also trust them to be genuinely loyal and honest. These are vital trademark traits of Aquarians because they are closely linked to their dignity and pride. They will never compromise their morality and ideals for anything. The reason why Aquarians are such pivotal movers and shakers in society is due to their creativity and originality. They aren’t scared to think out of the box and will do whatever it takes to get the task done. And lastly, one of the most amiable traits Aquarians have is their independent and intellectual nature. They are truly in a league of their own and they do not succumb to conformity and bandwagon trends.

I am a creative. More than a title or a description of what I do, it’s who I am.

You could say I have a rock ‘n roll attitude that comes across in my work. It’s current, culturally relevant, revolutionary, loud, in your face, thoughtful, subtle, moving, thought-provoking, simple and memorable.

How do I do this? I listen. I listen to the client. I listen to the customer. I listen to the culture. It’s the job of advertising to engage each consumer in the right conversation, and you can’t have a conversation unless you listen. My background is made up of diverse experience and my inspiration is fueled by
great advertising, film, literature, music and art.